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The dogs can sense bad people

When we talk about pets we, more often than not, refer to cat or dog. The dogs need more care and understand better the people’s feelings, while the cats are more independent.

According to the most of the researches, the dogs have a sixth sense and could perfectly sense the people’s feelings. To be more precise, they could even sense what person can they trust and what person should they avoid. 

According to a research by a University in Japan, the dog could even sense when a person lies or is the person honest. The the research had three parts and 34 dogs have been observed and analyzed. In the first part the owners of the dogs were pointing to a dog’s food and asked them to eat it. In the second part the owners would point to an empty dog’s plate and ask them to go there and eat the food. In the third part the dogs would not even look at what the owner is pointing. They would use the past experience to decide whether to trust a person or not. 

When a person has hidden intentions or he wants to do something bad the number of heartbeats increases, as well as the secretion of specific chemicals and the adrenaline. This makes the person sweat more than he usually does. As the dogs have excellent sense of smell and are aware of each movement, they can perfectly sense this difference in a person. 

The dog’s instincts are very sharp and precise therefore they can sense danger and bad vibrations. They alert the others by getting too nervous or even aggressive. 


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  1. As an animal lover, I agree with this article. Unfortunately, I can no longer to have a dog because my eldest daughter have a strong phobia of dogs, actually also for cats but not as bad as dogs.

    Btw, I hope to be able to meet your dog to make sure that I am someone who can be trusted or should be avoided.

  2. Yes I agree, dogs are super sensitive whether it be to a specific person’s intent, if a person has cancer and/or heart disease/high or low blood sugar etc. That is why, sorry to the cats people, I much prefer to have a dog around although I love cats too. So I seriously think pet owners should have both to get a perfect balance of exuberance and relaxation.

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