The Case for Non Lead Ammunition

I will always be a hunter. It is an important part of who I am. With that being said, I won’t always take the shot. Ethics is a huge part of hunting and I am very comfortable with me actions and experiences.

There is much talk about non lead ammunition. I am a fan. However, I am not a fan of some information that was released. I think we need to wait until we learn the facts before we tell the story.

For me this was very exciting news. I had made plans in hope of catching a few glances at the condors. I have been lucky enough to see them several times.

he father of this chick has died. They are sending the bird to the lab to find the cause. I am going to wait until the lab determines the cause before I link to one specific thing. I believe that is the responsible thing to do.

I made the switch to non lead ammunition and it has tripled the cost of hunting. I am still uncertain if it is necessary. I leave nothing behind when I make a kill. It was the way I was taught, so I would leave no contamination. 

If anyone is interested in knowing the cause of death in a message or comment. I will let you know.


What do you think?

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  1. There was a time, in the pre PC world, when we didn’t worry about things. Now in the post PC world, we worry about a lot of things.

    I agree with you. Withhold judgment until the testing is done.

    A lead bullet would not be a significant amount of lead (it is after all the jacket not 100% led).

    The softer bullet actually flatens and creates a more humane killing process. (faster).

  2. Hunting is written in a genetic inheritance to man. I am not a hunter. I do not have the heart to shoot animals. Well, when I catch the fish, I usually return them to the water.
    But I love to watch and record birds and other animals.
    Be sure to report the results of the analysis from the lab.
    The cause of the dead is to be known.

    • I grew up hunting (responsibly) most of my life. We were taught never to kill what we were not going to eat. I can tell you from personal experience, skunk does not taste good and I am grateful my father made me eat it. Lesson learned.

      We also hunt with our cameras and have great respect for wildlife. That is why we choose to have homes where we do.

      I respect your decision not to hunt and I will certainly report the facts as soon as I know them.

    • If hunters are not responsible and leave any part of the animal that was hit with lead it will poison the animal that eats what is left behind. They are saying that might have been what happen with the condor, but they have not tested it yet.


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