Scientists have found that the sparrows swear like carriages

Many are elated by the twittering of the sparrows, but behind the carefree trills of the males, there are insidious insults against competing males, Canadian scientists said, quoted by Metro newspaper.

The sparring of the sparrows and the suppression of the rival have the main purpose of impressing the feather ladies.

According to the author of the discovery Janet Lapier of the University of West Ontario, the sparring of the sparrows gives rise to aggressive behavior, in the form of insults of the likenesses of their own.

Birds have a fairly rich repertoire of hatcheries, but when they want to suck up some soldiers in their own way, they are launching their own hit compilation, BTA reports.

Just as in the music media charts, they repeat their mix to shake. Taking an example from the rappers, the feathered hooligans have aggressive and super-noisy behavior aimed at humiliating the competition. When the feathers of hitmakers come into a more competitive environment, they become even more aggressive and their selection shrinks. So they better stand out in the harsh environment of other sparrows.

And the lucky ones who have not much rivalry and their females are in a cloth tied, lend themselves to their lengthy compositions instead of repeating their broken compilation as a broken gramophone. Which, in humans and birds, comes to show that the music is very, very much, but very much taken.

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