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Saturday's Critters – Budgie Story

Sadly Louis passed away on the 2nd February 2010 he was 12 years old. The vet told me it was not my fault but due to a liver problem that he had. 

I got Louis 10 years ago when my first budgie, Roger died. He was a lovely budgie but he would have just have been older than 2 and was very sad. I got Louis at 2 years old from Bird Rescue at Green Bay. Louis has been a great friend and gone to many places with us on holiday in much of the North Island. 

It was from the first visit to the vet with Roger than I learned about the need to feed budgies a proper diet. Most budgies as pets die before they are 5 years old because they only eat supermarket food. I put Louis on Harrisons diet but took a while to wean him off supermarket budgies seed. Finally, I was able to feed Louis Harrisons formula by itself.

Now I got another budgie to fill the cage vacancy from Bird Rescue in Green Bay. His name is Rui, pronounced like Louis  but with an R. 

I don’t know how old Rui is but he was found on the road, as some people deliberately release budgies in New Zealand, and I don’t know if they realise, that if you release a budgie in New Zealand that the other birds will pursue the budgie and kill it, because it is different and has colourful feathers. 

Rui is spending his 3rd day with us and adjusting quite well, he is a young bird and seems healthy and even chatters sometimes which is lovely. It took Louis a month to chatter at all as he was very angry when I got him, he had been from pillar to post.

Rui is having part Harrisons formula and part supermarket food to wean him off the supermarket budgie seed. 

One thing I found out about budgies is that their personalities are entirely different. 

Introducing “Rui”

One thing, it did not take long to name this bird. He is a little flighty, 


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. The thing about having pets is that they’ll leave us first, usually…
    but we learn from them… and one thing is that to treasure those around us …

    I believe both Roger and Louis did that and enjoyed their time with you.

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