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A pit bull saves the life of his owners in Lake View New York


The first thought that runs through my mind when I think of a Pit Bull breed dog is the negative publicity the breed gets from the media since most of the stories of Pit Bulls is that they are monsters who would harm children and adults alike when the person gets into their comfort zone.

However Ruby who is a female Pit Bull who is owned by Ronene and Chris Ando are thankful that their pet Ruby only barks when she knows that someone is that the front door so she can alert her owners to check on who is knocking on the door.

Ruby is now being credited as heroine when on Thursday evening in her owners home in Lake View New York she acted out of character by barking a lot of time for a period of around 90 minutes around 1 in the morning.

Ronene could sense that Ruby was trying to get her attention since the Andos recently purchased a propane heater that is located in the basement of the Ando house that sprung a leak that smelled like gas. .

Ronene and her boyfriend Chris then realized that their home was staring to fill up with carbon monoxide that could have taken the lives of the dog as well as the Ondos.

Ruby was adopted by the Ondos at the Paws For Love SPCA in the Buffalo area to be their watchdog as well as their companion. Ronene is very thankful that Ruby was a trained therapy dog at the animal shelter used her instincts to warn her owners to take action and leave the home due to the smell of a very harmful chemical before it would have been too late.

One thing I have learned about dogs, they seem to respond to their owners if they are loved and taken care of properly they will be your friend for the duration of their lives.

I can see why Ronene was upset when Ruby started to bark a lot. At 1 o’clock in the morning she was taking her snooze that could have her last if she did not take of the gas leak in her home on Thursday.


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  1. Many, are stories of these rescues reciprocating heroism to humans to imply their appreciation. I’ve found, once they understand, a job, regular meals, a warm bed and love, for no reason, all are extremely appreciative. Particularly “aggressive” breeds. I cringe, there are no aggressive dogs, just poor or no socialization and half baked humans. X/!

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