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More on moths that visit me…

As mentioned in my previous story on moths that I get visiting me – if you are not a moth fan, you’re not gonna be liking this!  In the moth season, there are all sorts flying all over the place and sometimes landing on you! But even I… not particularly fond of any insect, have to admire some of these moths.  They can be very pretty! I kid you not!

Take for example this little fella – he was only about an inch in length – look at the colours! I thought it was kinda cute!  A little furry and very prettily coloured.  He was very co-operative for this photo shoot which saw me lying on the floor next to it! And he stayed very still.

This next one on the other hand was impressive in other ways!

Not extraordinarily large, having only about a two inch wing span, this one was impressive in its pose. It looked like a stealth airplane with its wings spread out very gracefully.

*All photos were taken in my home as these are regular visitors and have made themselves very at home! 😉


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Written by ac khoo


  1. Awe, the first one is stunning in its blue color. Ours are brown.. tan.. gold..
    The photo on the bottom is perfect. I love symmetry, and that photo is a perfect example. You have cool guests!