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Meet Chappie the Chow Chow Dog

This dog named Chappie is certainly adorable. He looks like a lion by its mane-like fur surrounding its head. As a fact to all chow chow, they have black tongues that made them unique among other breeds of dog.

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More pics for chow chow Chappie soon.

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  1. I know a bit about them. They are one of the oldest breeds, in fact a bas relief was found from 150 BC showing a chow chow. They were originated from Arctic Asia 3,000 years ago then migrated to China. Later the breed was used for general working purpose, from herding, hunting, pulling sleds, and guard dogs. Also legend says, that the original Teddy Bears, were modeled after Queen Victoria’s Chow Chow puppy. They are very smart and loyal, although grooming is challenging due to the long coat, and the thick under coat.

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