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The loss of a friend by txatxy

All of us who have pets, end up being family members. It’s name was Kara and it was with us for more than 16 years. It gave us many joys and filled our lives. Many people after the loss do not want more, because they say they suffer. But I am of the opinion that if you put in a balance the pain of loss and the joy of the years that you spent compensates to have another pet, no one will replace it but your heart will be filled again.


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Written by txatxy


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  1. Siento mucho tu pérdida,la verdad que se les quiere mucho.Mi perrita Dune murió hace un par de años y no nos olvidamos de ella.Otros vendrán si,y ocuparán otra parte de nuestro corazón.. un besó y ánimo amiga ?

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