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Life on the Rocks

This cat lives on the rocks by the sea. But, nevertheless, I will have a very interesting article.

“Prepare to take another dose of facts about cats”.

The cat is defined as a domestic carnivorous mammal. All of them generally have soft skin, short muzzle and retracting claws, and are very well known for their hunting skills. It is traditionally known that cats are first hunted in ancient Egypt, proven by Egyptian drawings dating back to 3500 BC. The cats were admired in the face of goddess Bastet, a cat-headed woman.

Here are 10 facts about cats you may not know about!

  1. Every year nearly 4 million cats are consumed in Asia.
  2. Cats spend 70% of their day sleep, which means that a cat that is 9 years old was awake only 3 of her life.
  3. Cats have incredible vision! They can see everything up to 120 meters and their peripheral vision is about 285 degrees. They also have an extraordinary night vision because they only need the 1/6th the amount of light people need.
  4. Cats release about 100 different sounds. Dogs only about 10.
  5. Cats swallow 26 times per second.
  6. Cats have no sweat glands, they only sweat through their paws.
  7. During the great Inquisition Pope Innocent VIII condemned cats as evil and thousands of cats were burned. Unfortunately, widespread killing of cats led to a large rat population. And this to the so-called “Red Death”.
  8. Approximately 40,000 people per year are bitten by cats in the United States.
  9. The earliest ancestor of the modern cat has been known for about 30 million years. Scientists call it Proailurus, which means “first cat” in Greek.
  10. The most popular cat breed is a Persian cat followed by Siamese cats.
  11. Cats usually have 12 whiskers from each part of the face.
  12. The cat’s jaw can not move sideways, so they can not chew large pieces of food.
  13. The heart of the cat beats almost twice as fast as a human heart at 110-140 beats per minute.
  14. Cats spend 1/3 of their awake time licking themselves.

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