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I tried…

I tried this in a VS poll and I didn’t think about it, but it cropped the pictures too much. Here they are not cropped. 

Can you help me out? I took too many pictures of ducks and only want to save about 5. I need help picking the best ones. Ducks aren’t my forte. I know some are blurry, others are blown out so, can you help me pick the best ones to save? 

It all started when I took Luna (my aussie-doby mixed puppy) on a leashed training walk without my other dog. She needs socialization and leash training, heeling must be conquered. She pulls with the strength of 10 sled dogs… 

Anyway, we went to the beach to a little park with a lot of children, people, skateboards,  and little kids soccer game. She is frightened of almost everything right now. 

So for the next few months I will take a few days a week, just her and I set aside for training. 

I would take her out in the middle of the part of the small park and we would sit, and I would give her commands, like come, sit down and stay. Then we would just hang out and people watch. Then we would walk away from all the excitement to a quiet area just under the bridge, here is where the ducks come in…. 

Can you pick your favorite? I will show you two similar photos that I am having a hard time in picking. 

#1 The park

This flowering tree was so pretty, the green grass and the ocean, but what I thought was a smudge on my lens turned out to be a tiny scratch. I wanted to keep one photo just for a reminder of our walk. 

#2 Different frame

I also turned down the lighting as well. 

#3 The male Mallard Duck

I couldn't get the clarity in the face shadow, this was the best I could do. 

#4 Black and White.

I clicked another just seconds after the one above, but it had the same problem with lighting in the face shadow, so I turned it black and white. I am having a hard time deciding because of that shadow, and I like the black and white, but feel there is too much noise.. I don't know..

#5 Two ducks

Just two ducks. I love the color of their heads. I finally got one with that shadow around the eye lightened.

#6 Farther away?

I kind of like this one better, but that dang shadow again.. Which one do you prefer? 

#7 Three ducks

Two males and one female. 

#8 Three ducks

Do you like the one above? or this one with three males? 

#9 One is not a duck…

The American Coot is more of a chicken than a duck, it's legs and feet are chicken like. 

#10 Which one do you prefer?

This or the one above? 

Thank you for viewing my duck pictures! 

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