Nick Deslauriers fights again!


When you are the best fighter in the National Hockey League (NHL), then other players will attempt to dethrone him.  Take for example tonight’s game between the Nashville Predators and the Anaheim Ducks.  Ducks enforcer Nick Deslauriers is a guy that should not be messed with.

However, Predators Austin Watson was ready to go.  As soon as the opening puck dropped at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, they both dropped gloves.  In this fight, you see why Deslauriers is the best fighter in hockey right now.  He throws a jab in order to close the distance with Watson.  Once the jab closed the distance, Deslauriers was able to grab Watson’s jersey with his left hand.  Then, Deslauriers was able to throw multiple right hands at Watson’s face.  At the very least, Watson secured the takedown in order to stem the beating that he was taking.


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      • That is horrible. I do not like the idea and I refuse to watch. The Supercopa in England is great because they play a match in a neutral stadium (Wembley) in Spain was boring because there was two games between the teams and the second game was in the stadium of the team that had won the League, as a result, little times there was a surprise or emotion. Now they have changed it as if soccer were basketball in a kind of Final Four, but this is to obtain money because Quatar is rich and they are paying a lot of money to the Spanish League to play there. La Liga promises spectacle but I do not want to watch, they only want money from a country that it is not a democracy. They should play the Supercopa in a single match as they do in England, it will be better and playing in Qatar shows little respect towards fans who cannot travel so far. I hope this experiment fails.

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