Heavenly Tinker

Well, Tinker our 22 year old cat died about an hour ago. i fought for him all his life, but I had to let him go so he would not suffer. I found him this morning have what looked like a seizure. The vet said we could try to revive him, but if it was her she wouldn’t because he was old and exhausted. Tinker will be cremated, and we will get the ashes, then, it will be placed in an urn. Our hearts are broken, but the really hard part has not happened yet. My daughter that lives in an assistant living place will be told by us in person when she gets off work My heart will break even more when I tell her the news.  Tinker is no longer suffering, but we are suffering from his loss. Tinker was a member of the family. The death of a pet is like someone in the family that has died.

Thank you all for reading this. Maybe leave words of comfort that I can show my daughter.

What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna

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  1. Oh LaJenna. I am so sorry. I hope your daughter is fine. That is one of the hardest parts, telling loved ones. I know he lived a happy life with you. He wont need shots where he is. I hope there is a rainbow bridge.

  2. My deepest sympathy to you and your daughter and everyone who loved Tinker. I met a stranger today in a parking lot and she was crying and said her “baby” had died and I knew instinctively she had lost a dog. I said some things to console her and gave her a hug and went about my way. More with cats than with dogs I have heard many stories about how the cat’s presence is deeply felt on and off for many years after its passing. So I have to think they do not go completely away. You will love Tinker forever.

  3. So very sorry LaJenna. I can relate to your heartbreak. I did the same with my Momma Kitty who died in her 20’s. She was Dustin’s cat so I feel your pain. Take some deep breaths and know you did all you could do. She lived a long life and you are the reason for that.

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