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Fun With Cats: My introduction To Feline Psychology

June, 1988 Lynn, Massachusetts

After adopting Danielle & Genevieve I got them their necessary vaccinations. Their birth control had been taken care of by their previous owner. They were smart, streetwise and pleasant animals. We fast became great friends and they were even happier when I’d show up on payday with some catnip or come home from visiting my folks in Gloucester and deliverer some catfish livers to munch on. One night Genevieve presented me with a dead mouse. I promptly flushed it down the toilet. Genevieve looked disturbed, like I had done something offensive. The next day I visited my friend Sue in Nahant.

She lived with 9 cats. I asked her about the mouse & she explained my faux paux…er…paw. ¬†Apparently being presented with a beat up or dead mouse is the highest compliment a cat can give you. Hell I’m no Desmond Morris. Next mouse I was presented with resulted in lavish praise and a promise of more catnip. The cats and I got a long much better after that.


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Written by PaulPallazola


  1. Your friend was correct. It is the highest praise being presented with breakfast. I read also that some may think you need to eat better. Eat fresh they say.. lol

    • They were brilliant & I learned to appreciate their little gifts. I was also impressed with their intelligence & adaptive skills. I was attending college classes two weekends a month. I had to read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” for one class. I hated the book and more than once threw my copy across the room. Danielle & Genevieve took notice & would promptly go to the kitchen every time they saw me reading the book.