Fire Department of New York rescue a kitten stuck in a tree


I am sure you have heard of the slogan “If at first you do not succeed, try and try again.” An eight month old female kitten named Reese on Sunday which happened to be April Fools Day as well as Easter Sunday managed to get in some serious trouble when she jumped out of the first floor window in Brooklyn New York on a tree.

The kitten continued to climb the tree until she realized that being up in a tree from a height of 60 feet was too much for her to attempt to jump off back into the ground since the fall could be a fatal fall from that height.

Alexandra Sanchez who is the owner of the kitten tried to get help by calling 9-1-1 on April Fools Day to report the news that her kitten was stuck in a tree.

The dispatchers thought that Alexandra was playing a practical joke on them so they did not honor her request to rescue the kitten.

Alexandra went through a nightmare not being able to rescue her kitten since Reese kept crying for someone to assist her to get back to the ground.

Eventually the Fire Department Of New York after they were not able to use a ladder to rescue Reese from her trouble spot, use a firetruck bucket to retrieve Reese and return her to Alexandra after three days and nights of getting stuck in the heights of the tree.

Alexandra was very happy that the Fire Department of New York who normally does not engage in rescuing cats from trees since the cat can normally get off of a truck by himself or herself in this case, the firefighters are real heroes for going beyond the call of duty to rescue a kitten from a tree in Brooklyn.

Reese is in good condition although she is suffering from dehydration. Reese will survive though.


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    • The reason that the fire department did rescue the kitten was that there was pressure from the people in Brooklyn that made threats that they were going to get the kitten themselves even it meant being seriously injured or even passing away.