Fruitland MO. Fire Fighters rescue a kitten that was underneath a van

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It is a good thing that firefighters around the world are specialists in rescuing animals and persons who are stuck inside of a home or an auto.

Carol Wilke who lives in Fruitland Missouri recalls the occasion when her granddaughter Summer attempted to rescue a kitten that was trapped underneath a van recently.

I am not sure if the kitten is homeless or if the kitten belongs to Carol and her relatives.’

How did the kitten did underneath the van is anyone’s guess. My belief is that the kitten went underneath the van to avoid the harsh humidity from a sunny day.

When Summer was not able to rescue the kitten from its trap underneath the van, her grandmother called 911 to get the Fruitland Missouri Fire Department to report what happened to the kitten who was trapped underneath the van.

Thanks to the teamwork of the Fruitland Fire Department, the kitten was rescued ffrom the trap the kitten was in so he or she could be thankful for its freedom.

It is not clear if the kitten was adopted by Carol and Summer or if the kitten belonged to the Wilke family.

Nevertheless the Fruitland Fire Department has gained the admiration of Carol and Summer for their efforts to rescue the kitten.


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  1. I noticed that cats like to slip out of the car, they feel safe there.
    Sometimes they are on the hood to heat or on the roof of a car.
    The problem is that we can not see them when they are below.