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The Cutest Dogs You Have Ever Seen

Dogs have always been a part of my family.  They are not just pets, they become like a family member.  I joke that my mom’s dog is my sister and that she is also my son’s aunt.  It’s just a cute little thing that we do in our family.  Do any of you do that with your pets?

I thought I would share some dogs that have been a part of our family, and which I believe are the cutest dogs ever.  I know I am biased since they are in my family.  Feel free to share your own pictures of your pets or dogs that you think are the cutest.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorites as well!  Let’s see how long we can get this list!

#11 Amazing Sasha

This is a photo of my Siberian Husky, Sasha. She lived to 14 1/2 and sadly went to dog heaven 1/2/2014. Her spunk and devotion was unmatched. I recommend the breed for any active owner. They love to run and are extremely loyal.

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#12 Maggie Mae

I love this post list. I used to work for the Humane Society in Oceanside, CA. Meet Maggie Mae, my 20 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Shiba Inu mix. I rescued her 15 years ago. She is slowing down but still loves to hike with us.

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#13 ???

This is a story of dogs that are best friends! Their cuteness is shared via @harlowandsage on Instagram.

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