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Crows and seagulls at the sea

I love birds. When I was in Trieste, I took my time to focus on these beautiful birds, they are intelligent creatures which we tend to forget. These photos are interesting. I observed them hunting food, especially crows, who wait at the dock, waitfor the sea wave to turn away and jumps down to pluck a seashell.

Seagulls, however, chase after the boats and ships. So do crows, but they hide in the ship. It was surprising how resourceful they are.

Crow waiting to see when they wave goes away, focused on the sea.

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Crow focusing on the wave, not looking who or what is near. The wave is retreating. 

And now you see, a pretty lunch the bird deserves, a seashell in it's beak. The hunt was successful.

Now the captain is here and we can set sail to the open sea. It's interesting how the crow always hides, just in case. Intelligent bird. 

Seagulls have a wide span of wings. It was beautiful to watch it in the distance as the sky cleared and the majestic silhouette is shown.

Seagull getting ready. Waiting if the sailmen will catch the fish, if the net will be full or it won't and he'll have to hunt for the fish himself. 

And one beautiful seagull posing for the end.

Wondering why it was posing like this? I was feeding it so it was longer on the pier. 

After the rain, as sea water isn't drinkable, he seagull came to the pier and drank, then returned back to the sea. 

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