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The Black Panther movie’s impact of black cats is a positive step

I have seen fads based on blockbuster motion pictures from”Jaws” to “Star Wars” which have inspired the fans of these movie franchise blockbusters to buy everything from tee shirts, posters and programs from their favorite movie.

With the success of the Marvel Studios super hero movie “Black Panther” which was released in North American theaters on February 16, 2018, the movie has been a blessing to many fans of the super hero who rules the fictional nation of Wakanda to adopt black cats from animal shelters and name their cute animals after the characters from the movie.

What makes the success of the movie “Black Panther” is that will the movie studios listen to the voices of the fans who want to see more minority super hero characters of D C and Marvel to make more minority male and female super heroes to make it in the silver screen or will they believe that the “Black Panther” movie is just a flash in the pan? And stay the course with the old guard of heroes.

It is wonderful to see that the “Black Panther” movie has inspired the fans of the super hero to adopt cats to take home to be their friends for the life of the animal instead of being put down in the animal shelter since there is no more room for the poor animal to stay there due to overcrowding.

Maybe the line from the “Black Panther” is spot on. The line that is recited in the movie is “Long live the King.” that is used in an auto ad.

Of course the phenom of the Black Panther movie will fade into the background later on this year when a new super hero movie comes to the theaters and maybe the character of that super hero movie will inspire their fan base to follow their good example of doing what is right.


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