A Mouse Was Here!

I added a snapshot of my stuffed animal sanctuary, in which I have had most of these stuffed animals since my childhood. One of these stuffed animals is a pink and white mouse.

But this post is really an update to my mice situation.

I noticed that the storage closet door was ajar. I closed it, but something was pushing it back open, trying to get out. I open it again, and out walks Gumby. I decided to investigate inside the closet, wondering why he ventured inside. I had placed one of the Hold/Release traps with a tablespoon of organic and non-GMO peanut butter there, last month.  I noticed weird-looking light brown rice-like bugs or insects all around it. I am not sure if they are maggots or other gross pests. I am not even sure what is inside, whether a dead mouse or rotten and melted peanut butter, but it looked flattened out and surrounded by this disgusting rice-like bugs or something. I decided to put it inside a bag and throw it in the trash. I also noticed two mouse turds inside the storage closet, indicating “A MOUSE WAS HERE!” I didn’t even want to attempt to clean the inside of this trap and reuse the trap, even though I finished the peanut butter jar. The other trap still looks normal, clean, and it still has the same tablespoon of peanut butter.

I sprayed some Clorox spray over the carpeted area to clean off these disgusting insects as well as the area where the trap was placed.

I haven’t really seen any mice because they seem to be very careful these days. But I have heard them running around in the attic area. So, I don’t know what they are doing. Gumby is still keeping watch, like a Guard Cat, in the kitchen and hallway, just sitting silently, in the dark, and waiting for a mouse to suddenly appear.

I am just hoping the mouse just goes back outside in the same way that it entered my townhouse, which is probably through the pipes.


What do you think?


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