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A gator blocks traffic on U S Highway 59 in Cleveland Texas

I am sure you have heard of the joke “Where does a 800 pound gorilla sleep? Anywhere he wants to since you and I are not going to mess with him.”

This past Monday a 11 foot six inch gator decided to have a break in the middle of U S Highway 59 in Cleveland Texas overnight.

The Cleveland Police and Cleveland Fire Department had to call Chance Ward who is a trapper who specializes in removing huge animals away from a dangerous spot.

Traffic going in both ways on the highway had no choice but to stop dead in their tracks since they did not run over the gator who decided to take his rest in the middle of the highway.

Chance Ward then came riding in his truck to use his equipment to move the gator to get him off the highway.

The catch was that the gator did not want to move from his resting place on the highway which made it difficult for Chance to move the animal away from harm and into his truck.

It took Chance about 20 minutes with the assistance of the police and firefighters to assist Chance to remove the pesky gator off of the highway, even though Chance warned the authorities that the gator would bite off their legs if they got too close to the gator.

Chance was able to calm down the gator, tie him up and place the gator inside his cage located in the back of the truck.

Chance then took the gator to another location safe and sound.

The gator was given the name “George” for reasons that are unclear at this time. The joke about George was that since he was near the Whataburger restaurant, he would eaten all of the food inside the fast food restaurant since no employee would have the courage to tell the gator that he was not going to be served.

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