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A compilation of Runt

Runt, as some of you might know is my cat. Runt (or Runty Dumpty or President Runt) is now 6 years old and is still very playful. He is also an indoor and outdoor cat. When outdoor, it is basically impossible to get a photo of him because he is out patrolling his back yard and the neighbour’s backyard.

With this, I would like to present my little Runty in different poses where he is most comfortable right now as it is winter here (even though there is barely any snow). For a reason or another, when Runt is in the house, he mostly wants to be in the basement. The lighting down there is not the greatest and my phone is outdated so the pictures are not that clear but he is so pretty and handsome that I had to present him to the world anyway. Please NOTE THAT ALL THE PHOTOS PRESENTED HERE WERE TAKEN WITH MY CELLPHONE.

So here goes. This first picture is Runt when he was about 6 months old. He was upstairs during this photo shoot. He was also passing through his upside down phase as I like to call it. Whenever he was playing with me or my ex he would adopt that pose to either attract our attention or deter us from too much attention. He really looks silly doesn’t he?

Here is |Runt chilling and relaxing in the basement. He is such a gorgeous cat…

Now I would like to present Runt in different praying poses or more maybe attention grabbing poses.

And now here is Runty in his best light literally.

To finish I would like to present President Runt when he is asking for a belly rub… Nobody can resist this, right…

Well that is it, that is all for now. See you soon in the New Year…


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    • Oh yes Runty is a cutie pie along with his character and poses. I agree he might get along with Brendel being a female but as for The Dude I am not quite sure. But you never know… Thanks for reading and viewing and commenting and up voting.

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