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12 Hilarious Cat Photobombs

Cats are one of the most favorite pets. They are so friendly and cute animals. Cats require a lot of attention and they are willing to do anything to obtain it. Even if you love them so much, there are moments when you really gonna hate them. They always want to be in the foreground, and these photos prove that. Whether they storm in the family photo session, appear on the selfies that are not planned with them, or peek on photos of dogs and other small animals, these cats have a mission to turn any photo into a real disaster. So, once a cat decides to destroy the photo, it will be destroyed, believe it! Check out this hilarious gallery of such cat photobombs and try not to laugh hard.

1. Do You Want To Look Like Me? I Have A Tail…

2. And I Am Here, Don’t Forget Me!

3. What Was He Thinking?! – I Can’t Be On The Photo, Ha!

4. OMG! Stop With Photos Please! You’re Same On Each Photo!

5. Oo, I Will Destroy This..

6. I Don’t Care About Their Wedding

7. Feel Like You’re In The Gym, And I Will Too

8. Don’t Pay Attention On Me, Stay Like That!

9. OMG!!! What Are They Doing?! Someone Can See Them!

10. Wow! You’re Not Interesting Anymore..

11. Is It Me On The Mug?!

12. I Want Just One Photo With You Please..


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Written by Ivana


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