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The World’s Most Expensive Painting Ever: 10 Key Facts To Know

This quiz covers some key must-know facts about the world-famous painting “Salvator Mundi” which recently set a new world-record price for the most expensive painting ever sold. Do have fun completing the quiz.

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    How much was the total price of the painting Salvator Mundi, when it set a new world record for the most expensive painting ever sold?

    • $250.3 million (US dollars)
    • $450.3 million (US dollars)
    • $650.3 million (US dollars)
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    Which artist painted, the “Salvator Mundi” painting?

    • Peter Paul Ruben
    • Michael Angelo
    • Leonardo da Vinci
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    When was the “Salvator Mundi” painting originally commissioned, and first painted?

    • Around 1700
    • Around 1600
    • Around 1500
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    Who was the Salvator Mundi painting commissioned by, painted for, and owned by?

    • Charles I of England
    • Louis XII of France
    • Napoleon of France
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    What is the size of the Salvator Mundi painting?

    • 85.4 cm × 115.6 cm
    • 65.4 cm × 85.6 cm
    • 45.4 cm × 65.6 cm
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    What surface is the Salvator Mundi painting on?

    • Walnut wood panel
    • Thick canvas cloth
    • Stiff waxed cardboard
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    What date did the painting Salvator Mundi sell for it’s world record-breaking most expensive price?

    • 15 November 2017
    • 15 September 2017
    • 15 October 2016
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    Where was the oil painting, Salvator Mundi, sold when it achieved its record price?

    • Bonham’s in New York
    • Christie’s in New York
    • Sotheby’s in New York
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    Whose image is in the painting Salvator Mundi, as presumed to have been painted by the artist from his own imagination?

    • Jesus Christ
    • John the Baptist
    • Louis XII of France
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    What does the name of the painting “Salvator Mundi” mean in English?

    • Saint of The World
    • Saviour of The World
    • Servant of The World


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Written by Daniel Obiago