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I really appreciate you reading and being together

Here I am again…  First and foremost, I am human with my history, adventures, painful and fun life lessons. I like to share it here because I feel it fills up some residual void in me. It also helps with reflection. Writing even maintains positive thoughts!

I already know that I am a very sensitive person and I no longer condemn myself for that. I learn to live on my own rhythm and rules. Before children, I lived a completely different life, like most, apparently. Raising my two children taught me very much and changed me a lot. I still learn a lot. 

Now that the children have grown up, I begin to hear peace in my mind. Ooo, how awesome that is. A few years ago we left town for life in the country. We set up the house in just seven months, and I felt like the beginning of this new phase  – the feeling was like I take out a chocolate candy from paper.

Ohh, how it is fun to live! Sometimes I see life from the side – my playful and pampered childhood, my free adolescence with a painful first love, my almost perfect early youth dizzy with sweet feelings and independence, my children, my own business, my hardships, and discoveries.

I was abnormally happy and tragically smashed. Apparently like most. I share my crumbs because it brings me joy and communion. I really appreciate you reading and being together.

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