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World Cup Football – Quiz No.2

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World Cup Football is one of the most popular sports events. 32 countries participate in the event but the football fever grips the entire world. This quiz is dedicated to top scorers of the game from various countries. Since the top scorers are more likely to be superstars, this should be an easy quiz. Please note that this quiz was created on 27th February 2019. So the answers would be as applicable as on 27.02.2019. All the questions pertain only to goal scorers in FIFA world cup. Now enjoy the quiz.

  • Who is the top scorer for Argnetina in world cup matches?

    • Diego Maradona
    • Lionel Messi
    • Gabriel Batistuta
    • Mario Kempes
  • Who is the top scorer for England in FIFA World Cup matches?

    • Gary Linekar
    • Harry Kane
    • David Beckam
    • Geoff Hurst
  • Who is the top scorer for Brazil in world cup matches?

    • Pele
    • Rivaldo
    • Neymar
    • Ronaldo
  • Name the top scorer for France in world cup matches.

    • Thierry Henry
    • Justine Fontaine
    • Zinedine Zidane
    • Michel Platini
  • Who is the top scorer for Netherlands in world cup matches?

    • Johnny Rep
    • Dennis Bergcamp
    • Rob Rensenbrink
    • Arjen Robben
  • Who is the top scorer for Spain in World Cup matches?

    • Fernando Morientes
    • David Villa
    • Raul
    • Fernando Hierro
  • Who is the top scorer for Uruguay in world cup matches?

    • Pedro Cea
    • Juan Alberto Schiaffino
    • Edinson Cavani
    • Oscar Miguez
  • Who is the top scorer world cup matches among all participating countries?

    • Ronaldo
    • Just Fonatine
    • Jurgen Klinsman
    • Miroslav Klose

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