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Who is James Spader?

Do you know James Spader? He was the voice in one of the characters in The Avengers 2. When I heard, I thought that the voice sounds familiar. It was so distinct than it belonged to the same actor of the hit TV series that I am watching. At the end of the movie, I saw his name “James Spader!”. Let’s see how much do you know about award winning actor.

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    In Avengers 2, Age of Ultron he was the voice behind :

    • Jarvis
    • Ultron
    • The Hulk
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    In the 1994 science fiction movie “Stargate” he was

    • Dr. Daniel Jackson
    • Col. Jack O’Neil
    • The Egyptian God, Ra
  • Question of

    His parents were both

    • Teachers
    • Actors
    • Dancers
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    His full name is

    • James Ted Spader
    • James Tiberius Spader
    • James Todd Spader
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    He played Allan Shore in which TV series?

    • JAG
    • Boston Legal
    • Baywatch
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    The first movie that he worked with Robert Downey Jr. was

    • Avengers 2
    • The Fugitive
    • Less Then Zero
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    How many Emmy Awards has he won?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
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    He played a high profile FBI fugitive in this popular NBC series

    • The Black List
    • Stargate SG 1
    • Burn Notice


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