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What Song Are These Lyrics From? – Part 2

Even when we hear a song on the radio multiple times, even when the chorus is stuck in our head, sometimes we still can’t remember the song title.

In this quiz, you will be given the chorus (or part of it) of a popular song, and the artist(s) the song belongs to. Can you guess the exact title of the song the lyrics are from?

Ready, set, go!

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What Song Are These Lyrics From?

  • Question of

    Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello “I love it when you call me señorita/I wish I could pretend I didn’t need you/But every touch is ooh la la la/It’s true, la la la/Ooh, I should be running”

    • Ooh La La La
    • Señorita
    • I Love It When You Call Me Señorita
  • Question of

    Ed Sheeran “Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms/Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song”

    • Dancing In The Dark
    • Our Favorite Song
    • Perfect
  • Question of

    Taylor Swift “Can I go where you go?/Can we always be this close forever and ever?/And ah, take me out, and take me home (forever and ever)/You’re my, my, my, my lover”

    • Lover
    • This Close
    • Take Me Home
  • Question of

    Shawn Mendes “You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe/I’m shaking falling onto my knees/And now that I’m without your kisses/I’ll be needing stitches”

    • Watch Me Bleed
    • I Can’t Breathe
    • Stiches
  • Question of

    Jonas Brothers “I’m a sucker for all the subliminal things/No one knows about you (about you) about you (about you)/And you’re making the typical me break my typical rules/It’s true, I’m a sucker for you, yeah”

    • Sucker
    • I’m A Sucker For You
    • Typical
  • Question of

    Backstreet Boys “I’ve been all around the world, done all there is to do/But you’ll always be the home I wanna come home to/You’re a wild night with a hell of a view/There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you”

    • No Place Like You
    • No Place
    • All Around The World
  • Question of

    Camila Cabello “It’s you, babe/And I’m a sucker for the way that you move, babe/And I could try to run, but it would be useless/You’re to blame/Just one hit of you, I knew I’ll never be the same”

    • I’m A Sucker
    • You’re To Blame
    • Never Be The Same
  • Question of

    Keith Urban feat. Carrie Underwood “What if I fall (I won’t let you fall)/What if I cry (I’ll never make you cry)/And if I get scared (I’ll hold you tighter)/When they’re tryna get to you baby I’ll be the fighter”

    • What If I Fall?
    • Fighter
    • I’ll Be The Fighter
  • Question of

    Avril Lavigne “I fell in love with the devil/And now I’m in trouble/I fell in love with the devil/I’m underneath his spell (ah)”

    • I’m In Trouble
    • Underneath His Spell
    • I Fell In Love With The Devil
  • Question of

    David Cook “Yeah, we’re lost in the dark and we’re praying for light/Reaching out for a heart where the beat never dies/Yeah we’re crossing the line between heaven and hell/I’ll never kiss and tell”

    • Heaven And Hell
    • Kiss & Tell
    • Lost In The Dark


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