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What is your style for fall/winter 2019?

Monday, 9.30.19

I put together a personality quiz, comprised of fashion and lifestyle in current society. Pick the choice that you most prefer, or the closest to your actual interest.

  • Question of

    What is your dream trip?

    • a. London England for a weekend of concerts, music club hopping, and partying
    • b. Paris France for a weekend of Spas, boutiques, art, and journaling
    • c. Vienna Austria for a weekend of romance, falling in love, elopement, and honeymoon
    • d. NYC New York for a weekend of gallery hopping, artist village, garment district, and fashion week
  • Question of

    Your favorite breakfast?

    • a. Strawberries and champagne
    • b. Cappuccino, croissant, and cheeses
    • c. Continental breakfast—tea, biscuit, butter, and fruit
    • d. Kefir Yogurt and granola
  • Question of

    Your dream job?

    • a. Real estate agent, or any business agent
    • b. Own a townhouse in suburb, but travel by taxi to the city for creative job
    • c. Suburban housewife
    • d. Independent writer, artist, blogger working f/t on the internet
  • Question of

    Your ideal from of transportation…

    • a. Sidecar
    • b. Sportscar
    • c. Taxis
    • d. White limo with your personal driver
  • Question of

    Your VIP besties?

    • a. Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Moss & Victoria Beckham
    • b. Kendall and Kylie Jenner
    • c. Gigi and Bella Hadid
    • d. Cindy Crawford and Kia Gerber
  • Question of

    What is a perfect object in your bedroom?

    • a. Interesting and unique telephone
    • b. International fashion magazines
    • c. Designer purses and shoes
    • d. Decorative throw pillows on your bed.
  • Question of

    What type of men are you most attracted to?

    • a. Jude Law and/or Hugh Grant
    • b. Johnny Depp and/or Colin Farrell
    • c. Matt Damon and/or Ben Affleck
    • d. Brad Pitt and/or Ryan Reynolds
  • Question of

    Your favorite 80s or 90s vintage TV sitcom?

    • a. Wonder Years
    • b. Facts of Life
    • c. Mad About You
    • d. Family Ties


What do you think?

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  1. This is what I got and I guess in a way I agree

    You got: Eclectically Romantic
    one-of-a-kind, always seeking something new and interesting as well as always looking forward to the future, but never looking back to the nostalgic past. You prefer concentrating on the details, whether an heirloom piece, sentimental gift, something you saved up forever to buy because you loved it and you don’t care how expensive it was, or just special pieces that no one has. Your best accessory for Fall/Winter 2019 is makeup, perfume, skincare, and that perfect sweet smile.


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