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What is your style for fall/winter 2019?

Monday, 9.30.19

I put together a personality quiz, comprised of fashion and lifestyle in current society. Pick the choice that you most prefer, or the closest to your actual interest.

  • Question of

    What is your dream trip?

    • a. London England for a weekend of concerts, music club hopping, and partying
    • b. Paris France for a weekend of Spas, boutiques, art, and journaling
    • c. Vienna Austria for a weekend of romance, falling in love, elopement, and honeymoon
    • d. NYC New York for a weekend of gallery hopping, artist village, garment district, and fashion week
  • Question of

    Your favorite breakfast?

    • a. Strawberries and champagne
    • b. Cappuccino, croissant, and cheeses
    • c. Continental breakfast—tea, biscuit, butter, and fruit
    • d. Kefir Yogurt and granola
  • Question of

    Your dream job?

    • a. Real estate agent, or any business agent
    • b. Own a townhouse in suburb, but travel by taxi to the city for creative job
    • c. Suburban housewife
    • d. Independent writer, artist, blogger working f/t on the internet
  • Question of

    Your ideal from of transportation…

    • a. Sidecar
    • b. Sportscar
    • c. Taxis
    • d. White limo with your personal driver
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    Your VIP besties?

    • a. Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Moss & Victoria Beckham
    • b. Kendall and Kylie Jenner
    • c. Gigi and Bella Hadid
    • d. Cindy Crawford and Kia Gerber
  • Question of

    What is a perfect object in your bedroom?

    • a. Interesting and unique telephone
    • b. International fashion magazines
    • c. Designer purses and shoes
    • d. Decorative throw pillows on your bed.
  • Question of

    What type of men are you most attracted to?

    • a. Jude Law and/or Hugh Grant
    • b. Johnny Depp and/or Colin Farrell
    • c. Matt Damon and/or Ben Affleck
    • d. Brad Pitt and/or Ryan Reynolds
  • Question of

    Your favorite 80s or 90s vintage TV sitcom?

    • a. Wonder Years
    • b. Facts of Life
    • c. Mad About You
    • d. Family Ties


What do you think?

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