What is your knowledge about McDonald’s?

Most everyone has heard of McDonald’s, but how much do we really know?

We know it’s an American hamburger/fast-food chain, but did you know it was founded in 1940 beginning as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California?  In fact, the first McDonald’s franchise (using the famous arches logo) opened in 1953 in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1955, a businessman by the name of Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent and purchased the chain from the McDonald brothers.

Source info:  Wikipedia

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    What is said to be the most recognized symbol in the world?

    • Superman
    • Golden Arches
    • Volkswagon
    • Nike
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    In what country has McDonald’s begun a program to recycle their employees’ uniforms?

    • Canada
    • United States
    • Australia
    • U.K.
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    What is McDonald’s best selling item?

    • French fries
    • Big Mac
    • Milkshakes
    • Quarter pounder with cheese
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    What was the chain’s worst selling item?

    • 3 Patty Big Mac
    • Hula Burger
    • Fish Fillet kids meal
    • Mexican Double Cheese & Bacon Quarter Pounder
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    There are a whopping ________ calories in the 40 pc. Chicken McNuggets.

    • 1,880
    • 2,100
    • 1,600
    • 1,700
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    The ‘Ronald McDonald’ character was portrayed by this man. Hint: He was later a weatherman on “The Today Show’

    • Jamie Farr
    • Dean Martin
    • Willard Scott
    • John Wayne
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    A man from New Hampshire, named Ronald McDonald, robbed this restaurant in 2005.

    • Denny’s
    • KFC
    • Wendy’s
    • Burger King
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    In 2014, a customer sued McDonald’s for 1.5 million claiming to suffer from “undue mental anguish”. His claim?

    • his coffee was too hot
    • there was no toilet paper in the bathroom which embarrassed him
    • he received only one napkin with his order
    • his Big Mac had no pickles on it
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    Where is the world’s largest McDonald’s Play Place? It includes a 500 gallon aquarium, waterfall and 100 arcade game

    • Sandusky, Ohio
    • Universal Orlando Resort, Florida
    • Disneyland in California
    • Niagara Falls, Canada
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    How many toys does McDonald’s distribute to the world each year with their ‘Happy Meals’?

    • 1.5 billion
    • 1.2 billion
    • 1.9 billion
    • 1.6 billion


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  1. 4 out of 10 but really awesome facts! Crazy. I saw a documentary about the two brothers named McDonald, who created the restaurant and this other person bought the land they were renting and took their restaurant and made a huge business out of it meanwhile when the brothers created their own little business with a different name, it did not do so well and they got shut down. It was so, so sad.

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