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What About Washington State?

The name of this US state sounds familiar because it is the only one named after a US president. So there, you have your first fact about this Pacific North West state. But the rest is up to you.

Test your knowledge or have a learning experience by taking this fact-based quiz on one of America’s states that shares a border with Canada. Oops–there I go again. Now you already know more!

When you are finished let us know in the comments below whether you refreshed your memory or learned something new.

  • Washington became a state in…

    • 1799
    • 1815
    • 1889
  • Washington state’s capital is…

    • Arlington.
    • Olympia.
    • Seattle.
  • Which president is on the Washington state flag?

    • George Washington
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Martin Van Buren
  • Washington state has how many counties?

    • 32
    • 35
    • 39
  • Washington is the 18th largest state in America.

    • Yes
    • No
  • Washington state’s largest city is…

    • Olympia.
    • Seattle.
    • Spokane.
  • Washington state’s Mount Rainier is…

    • The tallest mountain in the world.
    • A dangerous active volcano.
    • Part of the Himalayan Range.
  • Mount Rainier is the largest volcano…

    • Beside Mount St Helens.
    • In the Cascades Range.
    • To be classed as inactive.
    • All of the above.
  • Washington’s Mount Rainier has more glacier ice than…

    • Mount Everest.
    • Chimborazo.
    • All other mountains in the contiguous US.
  • In the US Washington State has the oldest operating…

    • Gas station.
    • Wind mill.
    • Gold refinery.
  • The Washington state anthem is…

    • Washington, My Home.
    • Roll on, Columbia.
    • Washington Beloved.
  • What is the state insect in Washington?

    • Eastern tiger swallowtail.
    • Green darner dragonfly.
    • Cicadas.
  • Washington state contains the only rain forests on the US continent.

    • True
    • False
  • Which business began in Washington state?

    • Boston Market.
    • Krispy Kreme.
    • Starbucks.

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