How Well Do You Know Ross From FRIENDS?

Ross Geller in the house today!!

The guy who stole our hearts with his nerdiness.

Ross is one of the most intelligent members of the group, its time to test your intelligence.

Try to solve one of the hardest Ross Geller quiz.

  • Question of

    Ross’ first word on Season 1?

    • Hey
    • Hi
    • Hello
    • Coffee
  • Question of

    Nickname which Ross liked for himself but did not pick up?

    • Ross a tron
    • Ross a saur
    • Ross a rex
    • Ross a roar
  • Question of

    Out of these, whom did not Ross date?

    • Carol
    • Rachel
    • Kathy
    • Bonnie
  • Question of

    Which is Ross’ special karate word?

    • Oonani
    • Unagi
  • Question of

    Colour of the shirt that Ross left at Mona’s place?

    • Salmon
    • Lilac
  • Question of

    Ross had a pet monkey named?

    • Mike
    • Ben
    • Marcel
    • Chip
  • Question of

    Carol left Ross for?

    • Susan Green
    • Susan Powell
    • Susan Granger
    • Susan Bunch
  • Question of

    Ross & Will set up which club?

    • I love Foosball
    • I hate Football
    • I love Rachel
    • I hate Rachel
  • Question of

    To convince Ben, Ross dressed up as whom in the Hanukkah festival?

    • Superman
    • Santa Claus
    • An Armadillo
    • Spudnik
  • Question of

    When Ross & Rachel were on a break, he slept with?

    • Elizabeth
    • Chole
    • Mona
    • Kathy


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