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How Well Do You Know The Collective Name of These People in Their Respective Places?

Sometimes we often confused of the native people who has a collective term for their dwelling places. So I came up with this quiz to introduce the term “demonym” — sounds devilish but it has different name.

A demonym  is a word that identifies residents or natives of a particular place, which is derived from the name of that particular place. For example, English is to England,  Spanish to Spain , Canadian to Canada, etc.

So I have created here a quiz to challenge your knowledge how much you know about demonyms of these following given places (cities from around the world, countries, famous and historical towns, etc.)

Take this quiz now and make sure to get a passing score of 12/20.

Good luck and enjoy!

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    Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, USA. What do you call the collective people of Boston?

    • Bostonian
    • Bostonean
    • Bostoner
    • Bostonite
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    It is a city in Italy. What do you call the collective people of Bologna?

    • Bolognesite
    • Bolognan
    • Bolognese
    • Bolognaian
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    Cambridge is a university city and county town of Cambridgeshire, England. What do you call the people who lives in Cambridge?

    • Cambridgean
    • Cantabrigian
    • Cambridgean
    • Cantabrigean
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    Muscovite is the collective term for people who lives in?

    • Mozambique
    • Muscat
    • Zambia
    • Moscow
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    Also called the world’s oldest existing city. Damascus is the capital city of Syria and its people living within a city is called as what?

    • Damascusite
    • Damascene
    • Damascite
    • Damascusean
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    Hastings is a town in England. Its people is called as what collectively?

    • Hastingite
    • Hastingsian
    • Hastingsean
    • Hastingovite
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    Bacolod is one of the cities in Philippines. People here are collectively called as what?

    • Bacoloreat
    • Bacolodian
    • Bacolodnon
    • Bacolodeon
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    Christchurch is one of the largest cities in New Zealand. Native people are called as what?

    • Christchurcher
    • Christchurchill
    • Cantabrianos
    • Cantabrian
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    Lahore is the capital city of Punjab in Pakistan. What do you call the people here collectively?

    • Lahoreen
    • Lahorean
    • Lahori
    • Lahorenean
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    Marseilles also known as Marseille, is one of the cities in France. People here are collectively called as what?

    • Marseillais
    • Marseillousie
    • Marseillean
    • Marseillite
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    Memphis is one of the cities in Tennessee, USA, collectively called as what?

    • Memphisian
    • Memphus
    • Memphian
    • Memphisite
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    Quebec City is found in Canada. People are collectively called as?

    • Quebecan
    • Quebecol
    • Quebecian
    • Quebecois
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    Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia. Its people are called as what?

    • Sydneysider
    • Sydneyan
    • Sydneyite
    • Sydnean
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    Tripoli is the capital of Libya. People here are called collectively as what?

    • Tripolian
    • Tripolitan
    • Tripolisian
    • Tripolion
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    Winchester is one of the famous cities in England. People who live within are called as?

    • Winchesterean
    • Winchestershire
    • Wintonian
    • Winterean
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    Macau is an autonomous region in China. People here are called as what?

    • Macanese
    • Cantonese
    • Macauan
    • Macausi
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    Madrid is the capital of Spain. People living here can be called in two ways: One is Madrileño, the other is what?

    • Madridean
    • Madridite
    • Madridi
    • Madrilenian
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    Bergamo is a city in Italy. People called here as what?

    • Bergamasque
    • Bergamoan
    • Bergandi
    • Bergamonite
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    Valladolid is one of the cities in Spain. People here can be called in three collective names. Which of the following is not?

    • Vallisoletano
    • Pucelano
    • Valladolidnon
    • Pinciano
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    Filipino is the collective name for the people of which place?

    • Filmore
    • Philippines
    • Palestine
    • Fiji


What do you think?

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Written by Trafalgar Law


  1. Great quiz, Trafalgar! I thought I’d walk through it without a problem, but you made it hard! I got 14/20, so I just scraped a pass:)
    Off the top of your head, where do you think a Burqueño is from?