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Which Vintage Celebrity Icon Are You?

Today, I spend my morning working on my graphic novel. Then, I took a break internet surfing. While drawing a page, I watched the movie, Rosemary’s Baby on the indie channel. All though the movie looks vintage, the issues are current, such as Satanism, killing and eating babies, and the Pope pretending to be religious for the New World Order agenda. This movie reminds me of the Hampstead Case in England. As I watch this movie, I realize that I have similar style to Mia Farrow’s character because her hair is either a bob or a pixie, which leads me to the realization that old celebrities had more style while current actresses look skanky or plain.

I have watched a couple of old movies on the indie channel, such as The Birds, Psycho, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Funny Face, My Fair Lady, Rosemary’s Baby, and Father of the Bride, and I now realized these old movies are consider to be classic, especially compared to the movies being created since the 80s and 90s, which are pure shit. The old movies tend to have more drama and acting, while movies from the 80s until current time tend to be based on personality, agenda promotions, and celebrity promotions. So, I decided to create a quiz based on style of seven old famous celebrities, and some are still alive today.

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    1. You are at your favorite boutique, and you have to choose between 6 dresses. Which one do you buy?

    • -short leopard print dress with long sleeves and ruffles on the bottom
    • -sequin slip dress
    • -short black and white asymmetrical dress with one shoulder with long sleeve
    • -long dress with embellishments and long side slit, but with long sleeves
    • -plaid tweed dress suit with belt
    • -midi pleaded dress with belt to cinch the waist
    • -sleeveless print midi dress
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    For this Winter 2017/2018, your preferred shoes are:

    • -high-heel Mary-Janes with ankle socks
    • -metallic pumps in pink gold
    • – modern and minimalism black and white ankle Curl boots
    • -patent pumps with embellishments
    • -loafers with heels
    • -pointy-tip pumps
    • -slingback platform clogs
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    Must-Have Winter 2017/2018 item:

    • -velvet cushion with embroidered design
    • -velvet pink baseball cap
    • -MW60 wireless headphones
    • -Backgammon game set or Bocca Ball game set
    • -plaid tote bag
    • -Fendi purse that matches your dress and shoes
    • -Pink stainless steel watch by Emporio Armani
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    Preferred Winter Coat or Jacket:

    • -mid-length Burberry coat in gold and black herringbone design
    • -Bomber Jacket in pink floral print
    • -black cape with hoodie
    • -Courtier Style Jacket with red floral embellishments and fringe
    • -plaid tweed coat with belt
    • -short cape with matching boat cap
    • -long ribbon knit cardigan with belt
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    Favorite Purse:

    • -Patchwork Purse in bold colors with large colorful chain links handle
    • -large tote bag with graphic picture by LV
    • -black and white travel bag, which can also be used as a gym bag
    • -Valentino Lock Bag in bold red and pink with silver studs and some embellishments
    • -small Chanel purse with long chain handle
    • -Prada purse
    • -metallic pink-gold crossbody purse with embossment
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    Jewelry for Winter 2017/2018:

    • -large diamond ring
    • -rose-gold band bracelet
    • -silver fine chain bracelet with diamond studs by Gigi Hadid
    • -fringe earrings in olive green
    • -dangling diamond drop earrings
    • -diamond stud earrings
    • -hoop earrings
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    Favorite Accessory For Winter 2017/2018

    • -your pet with its own fashion accessories
    • -Pink bottle of Sparkling Rose
    • -A Good Book
    • -felt hat
    • -plaid umbrella
    • -earmuffs
    • -Pink and black “Spread Your Wings” jersey bomber jacket
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    Dream 2-Week Vacation for this winter:

    • -Hanging out at the Venice Beach Broadwalk and Artwalk
    • Malibu Beach hotel
    • -art and culture, checking out all the art museums in Downtown Los Angeles
    • -Hanging out at Palm Springs
    • -Visiting a castle in Ireland
    • -Theater, Opera, and Ballet shows in Europe
    • -Marrakech Morocco Adventure


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  1. You got: Audrey Hepburn, I loved her. We are a lot alike in our love of animals.
    I answered the best that I could. This was hard for me, I tend to go with practical items. Like for a winter coat, I prefer a parka, and snow boots if I am in cold weather, cool I wear tennis shoes, and warm sandals. I don’t wear rings or earrings. I do wear a necklace once in a while. I like hippy beach dresses. Some of these I didn’t understand, What is a curl boot? Fendi purse and who is LV? lol Fun quiz, I love how you put these together.

    • I did my own quiz twice, mostly to check for glitches, as well as I couldn’t decide which style I like better because they are all my ideas. I did the quiz twice, and I got different people…i think i got tippi hedren and barbie

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