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To state the obvious, learning new words can be a boring exercise or an interesting one. Challenging ourselves is one way to make it interesting. The following quiz is a leap through 14 words we may need a refresher course on or might need to learn from scratch.

Though no one enjoys words more, writers want to remember as many as possible. Entertain yourself by taking the journey through this little playground and let us know in the comments below whether you learned something new. Which definition is correct for each word?

  • Aphorism

    • A description of aphids.
    • A small instructive saying.
  • Candor

    • Blunt honesty.
    • Complete dishonesty.
  • Discern

    • To differentiate clearly.
    • To thoroughly despise.
  • Elicit

    • To draw out.
    • To behave immorally.
  • Ineffable

    • Refusing to agree.
    • Defying description.
  • Munificent

    • Generously openhanded.
    • Virtually guiltless.
  • Paltry

    • Miserably moody.
    • Trivially small.
  • Plagiarism

    • Stealing other’s work.
    • Flexible thinking.
  • Recalcitrant

    • Hesitant to take action.
    • Defiant to authority.
  • Scrupulous

    • Carefully attentive.
    • Rigidly obedient.
  • Tenable

    • Defensible decision making.
    • Able to be molded.
  • Unctuous

    • Gushingly insincere.
    • To be quick.
  • Vitiate

    • To be a peacemaker
    • To make imperfect.
  • Whorl

    • An old-fashioned dance.
    • A coil, loop, or ring.

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