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Easily Confused Words

How easy it is to confuse words with similar sounds and related meanings!  When we mix them up trouble of some sort shows up (even if it’s just embarrassment), unless the mistake is intended as comedic effect (or is it affect?).

Avoiding the problem requires familiarity with the correct definitions.  Retaining the definitions comes with practice. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes they are obvious ones that we simply miss when proofing a speech or written piece (ouch).

This quiz offers some practice with words we need to be familiar with if we want to be clear when using them. Have fun reviewing or learning these words that have the potential to make or break a conversation or our writing.

Choose the correct word for the blanks and let us know in the comments below whether this exercise turns out to be helpful to you.

  • Question of

    Choosing ___ customers keeps profits high.

    • Affluent
    • Effluent
  • Question of

    The purpose of the ___ lie was incomprehensible.

    • Arrant
    • Errant
  • Question of

    His building’s ___ framework meant it would be salvaged.

    • Aesthetic
    • Ascetic
  • Question of

    Her ___ gift basket satisfied the disgruntled customer.

    • Complementary
    • Complimentary
  • Question of

    Taking ___ well was the strength of his success.

    • Flack
    • Flak
  • Question of

    She would always ___ dessert at such gatherings.

    • Forego
    • Forgo
  • Question of

    ___, the unkempt gardens were highly regarded.

    • Formally
    • Formerly
  • Question of

    His work will always ___ client support.

    • Elicit
    • Illicit
  • Question of

    Each ___ needs to be kept clear for safety and security.

    • Aisle
    • Isle
  • Question of

    To ___ his influence required constant attention to detail.

    • Perpetrate
    • Perpetuate


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  1. Fun quiz. Regardless whether we know the meaning of specific word, in my case, I still commit minor mistake in the usage mainly because my brain works faster than my fingers typing. And no matter if I proofread it, I miss some words usage and spelling that oftentimes I still have to edit even after publication which is not easy here in Virily. I can do that in my WordPress site though. Here, I just let it go.

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