The Philippines Quiz

How well you know the Philippines? This short quiz is a test of your knowledge and I hope that you will get most of the questions right.

Take the quiz and let me know of your result in the comments!

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    What type of landmass is the Philippines?

    • A. Archipelago
    • B. Continent
    • C. Islands
    • D. Peninsula
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    What is the currency of the Philippines?

    • A. Peso
    • B. Dollar
    • C. Piso
    • D. Ringgit
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    Which of the following explorers arrived in the Philippines in 1521?

    • A. James Cook
    • B. Ferdinand Magellan
    • C. Vasco de Gama
    • D. Christopher Columbus
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    Which university was created by Act No 1870 passed by the Old Philippine Legislature on June 18, 1908?

    • A. University of the Philippines
    • B. Philippine Normal University
    • C. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
    • D. University of Santo Tomas
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    After whom were the Philippines named?

    • A. King Philip V of Spain
    • B. King Philip VI of Spain
    • C. King Philip II of Spain
    • D. King Philip III of Spain
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    Which city is the first capital city in the Philippines?

    • A. Manila
    • B. Cebu
    • C. Davao
    • D. Capiz
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    Which President of the Philippines had the most children?

    • A. Ramon Magsaysay
    • B. Jose P. Laurel
    • C. Rodrigo Duterte
    • D. Ferdinand Marcos
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    Which is the oldest University in the Philippines?

    • A. University of Santo Tomas
    • B. San Juan de Letran
    • C. Colegio de Santa Isabel
    • D. University of San Carlos
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    Who is the first Spanish Governor General?

    • A. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi
    • B. Gonzalo Ronquillo de Peñalosa
    • C. Santiago de Vera
    • D. Luís Pérez Dasmariñas
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    Which province is named after a first lady?

    • A. Isabela
    • B. Aurora
    • C. Zaragoza
    • D. Lucia


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