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The Latest in Celebration & Events! Where are these Virilians?

You can find these ten members of Virily in the Celebration and Events Category here on Virily! 

They will awe you with their fabulous stories and quizzes! When you get done here, please go show some love to these posts! 

I used a Halloween Theme for this quiz since it is the closest celebration. 

The object of the game: 

Find each member’s name in the photographs! 

Good luck and have fun! 

Hint: The names are all in the same font, “Chiller”! Zoom!

  • Question of

    CarolDM’s name is hidden ________.

    • On the witches dress.
    • On the bone necklace.
    • In grey font!
    • All of the above!
  • Question of

    What color is Della’s name in?

    • Ghastly Gold
    • Ghostly White
    • Beastly Black
    • Petrifying Purple
  • Question of

    Where is Fifi Leigh’s name hidden?

    • On the bottom.
    • On the hat.
    • On the picture frame to the right.
    • On the picture frame to the left.
  • Question of

    Ghostwriter’s name is __________!

    • Neck bone
    • Teeth
    • Nose
    • Eyes
  • Question of

    I used 8 different colors in this edit.. Ileana Calotescu’s name is hidden in this five times. What colors were not used in the font?

    • Yellow and Black
    • Red and Pink
    • Blue and Green
    • Purple and White
  • Question of

    What is going on with Jennifer Kurtz name?

    • The Ghost Spiders are crawling on it.
    • The Skin Walker Wolf Witch is going to eat it.
    • The ghastly green fog is enveloping it.
    • The blue marsh lights of the Will-o’-the-wisps it taken it away.
  • Question of

    What color is Maria Ayala’s name in?

    • Odius Pink
    • Unsightly Blue
    • Macabre Black
    • Monstrous Green
  • Question of

    Mrki’s name is hidden in the ___!

    • Skeleton
    • Window
    • Spider Web
    • Dead Branches
  • Question of

    Where is Paul Pallozola’s name?

    • In white
    • On top
    • On the spider
    • On the bottom
  • Question of

    Where is Rex Trulove’s name?

    • On the bottom
    • On the left
    • On the candle
    • In the blackness…


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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