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Sun and Moon Quiz

Here is a fun quiz about the sun and the moon.

How much do you know about the weight and size of the sun and moon?

How do the sun and moon compare to the Earth?

What do you know about eclipses? Take the quiz and find out.


  • How many times bigger is the sun to the moon?

    • 400 times bigger
    • 551 times bigger
  • How many times closer to the Earth is the moon compared to the sun?

    • 400 times closer
    • 139 times closer
  • How many degrees do both the sun and moon each take up in the sky?

    • two degrees
    • one-half degree
  • When the moon is between the sun and Earth, this is called a…

    • Solar eclipse
    • Lunar eclipse
  • What is the diameter of the sun?

    • 864,000 miles
    • 186,624 miles
  • What is the diameter of the moon?

    • 7920 miles
    • 2160 miles
  • What is the moon’s mass compared to the Earth?

    • 1.2%
    • 24%
  • What is the sun’s weight compared to the Earth?

    • 333,000 times as much as Earth
    • 273 times as much as Earth

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