Moon and Sun Squared Circle

Before I have talked about the Earth and Moon squared circle. Now I want to talk about the Moon and Sun squared circle.

The lunar cycle of major standstills is 18.618 years. The Sun’s repeat cycle of rises and sets is 33 years. When you use these numbers in a circle squared by area, you square the circle by area using the cycles of the Sun and Moon. With the moon as the radius and the sun as the measurement of one side of the square.

This also brings in the number 33, which is the Universe’s scaling number. This is also the number of years of Jesus’ life, and the number of vertebrae in a human spine. 33 is a very important canonical number. It is the base of the series 33, 66, 132, 264, 528, 1056, all important canonical numbers.

The Sun and Moon at eclipse represents the Sacred Marriage. That they also square the circle is further proof that there is high order in the universe. Some even say these things are a kind of communication. I don’t believe these things are coincidences. They show an intricate order to the universe.


What do you think?


Written by riverwild

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