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Scavenger Hunt ~ The Game

My grandson asked me what games we liked to play before computers. I told him about my dad always had us kids playing scavenger hunts. I used to love those, and as this is the time of year families are together, the weather is inclement a lot of times. People spend more time indoors this time of year, so I have come up with a Scavenger Hunt for you here in Virily!  Maybe you could do one with your family or friends! 

Let’s see how this goes, it’s a new concept. I hope this works. 

I have hidden 5 posts in 5 of the Virily Categories. 

The Object of the Game:   Find all words to the title of a specific Christmas Song I have chosen. 

1. With the clue I have given in the questions inside, pick the right answer to find the category I posted in.

2. Go find the posts in all five categories. 

3. Find the hidden word in the post. (These are not real hard to find.) Write down the word. 

4. Go find the post titled, “Scavenger Hunt Poll”. See if you got the right Christmas song! 

Have fun and good luck! 

  • This category rhymes with profile. Which one is it?

    • Architecture
    • Art
    • Animals
    • Lifestyle
  • This second clue is in this category. Unscramble this word, “Manilas”.

    • Travel
    • Vanilla
    • Animals
    • Automobiles
  • The third clue. Find the correct letters in this! XXAXXXRXXXTX

    • Okay, I know what it is.
  • Unscramble these two words to find the correct Category. Erutan Ecneics

    • Okay
  • Last clue. Birds do this for the winter!

    • Fly South
    • Travel
    • Animals and Automotive
  • What is one of the categories I posted in?

    • DIY
    • Art
    • Automotive
    • Home and Gardening
    • Architecture
  • Which one did I not post in?

    • Entertainment
    • Animals
    • Science and Nature
    • Travel
  • Have fun with this Scavenger Hunt.

    • Okay, I will try..

What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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