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Riddle Me – Can You Score 15/15 In This Riddle Test?

It’s once again time to put your thinking caps on and take this riddle test.

It’s time to test your wit, to check if you can get a perfect score in this riddle test.

So.. are you ready to begin??

Let’s see who is the first one to score 15/15 in this riddle test.

  • Question of

    You can see me in water but I do not get wet?

    • Reflection
    • Tortoise
  • Question of

    You can always find me in the past but never in future?

    • Dreams
    • History
  • Question of

    Fish keep their money in?

    • Gold bank
    • River bank
  • Question of

    A bear without an ear is called?

    • B
    • Bear
  • Question of

    A 7 letter word which contains thousands of letters?

    • Alphabet
    • Mailbox
  • Question of

    What goes up when it rains?

    • Smog
    • Umbrella
  • Question of

    Body part which is pronounced in 1 letter but written in 3 letters?

    • Eye
    • Ear
  • Question of

    English word which has 3 consecutive double letters?

    • Bookkeeper
    • Bookish
  • Question of

    Has a city but no house, has a river but no fish?

    • Map
    • Dream
  • Question of

    A 5 letter word that becomes shorter when you add 2 letters?

    • Shorter
    • Longer
  • Question of

    It travels alone but is never alone?

    • Smile
    • Shadow
  • Question of

    It speaks but does not have a hard tongue?

    • Candle
    • Bell
  • Question of

    Can go through a door but never comes out?

    • Keyhole
    • Shadow
  • Question of

    Belongs to you but others use it more often?

    • Other person’s name
    • Your name
  • Question of

    Difficult to catch if you run fast?

    • A Thief
    • Your breath


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