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Try the letter “R” QUIZ!!

This is my second LETTER QUIZ this time using the letter “R”!!

All of these questions or answers will feature the letter “R” in one way or another. They are all random questions involving people, places, and other facts.  Test your knowledge, but mostly enjoy this quiz!

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  • Question of

    Does reindeer milk have more fat than cow milk?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    What vegetable or fruit is often referred to as “Lady Fingers”?

    • rhubarb
    • okra
    • parsley root
  • Question of

    In the TV show “Rawhide”, popular in the 1960’s, who had the starring role?

    • Clint Eastwood
    • Steve McQueen
    • Paul Newman
  • Question of

    Who was Robin Hood?

    • The Sheriff of Nottingham
    • an archer and swordsman
    • talented flutist
  • Question of

    In which country does Pilsner beer originate?

    • Czech Republic
    • Germany
    • Romania
  • Question of

    Grenadine is made from which fruit?

    • Raspberries
    • Ranpion
    • Pomegranates
  • Question of

    Ronald Reagan was the ____th President of the U.S.?

    • 39
    • 40
    • 41
  • Question of

    Name the enzyme added to milk in the manufacture of most hard cheeses.

    • rlysozyme
    • rennet
    • ren bentaine


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