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Quizzical Riddles Aboard: Want A Flight?

Riddles do fly and make merry. They drink and intoxicate more than any beer in the world. They have 100% alcohol content and one can easily become alcoholic with them. I wonder if Alcoholic Synonymous can assist you.

Here we have riddles aboard. The pilot is already in the cockpit and the hostess has announced that you tie the safety belts for take off. Are you on board and ready to fly with us? I hope so? Welcome aboard and enjoy the flight.

  • Question of

    The answer of the riddle is ‘palm’. What is the riddle?

    • Which tree is carried in the hand!
    • You can see it and at other times you won’t.
    • It is found along the coast
    • It can be found at the end of the tunnel
  • Question of

    Which word in the dictionary is spelt incorrectly?

    • Pronunciation
    • Hippopotamuses
    • Incorrectly
    • Dictionary
  • Question of

    What kind of room has no doors or windows

    • Egg
    • Cell
    • Attic
    • Mushroom
  • Question of

    What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

    • Towel
    • Tongue
    • Iron sheets
    • River bank
  • Question of

    The answer is ‘a promise’. What is the riddle?

    • What comes out of the mouth faster than a jet
    • What is broken without being held
    • The riddle that ensues out of a fool
    • The greatest thing that should always be kept
  • Question of

    Feed me and I live yet give me a drink and I die?

    • Alcoholic
    • A starved person
    • A snake
    • Fire
  • Question of

    How many animal species did Moses take with him on the ark?

    • 2
    • 4
    • 1
    • None
  • Question of

    What always comes and never arrives?

    • A promise
    • Tomorrow
    • The sun
    • A mirage


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