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Quiz: Old Testament Women – How much do you know about them?

Here are ten questions about ten different women in the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible. These are strong women, not afraid of skating on thin ice in order to get what they want. Find out how much you know about them! And share your experience below as a comment 🙂

  • Question of

    Eve was Adam’s companion, made of his rib. Where do we first find her?

    • Garden of Eden
    • Land of Canaan
    • Pharaoh’s palace
  • Question of

    Esther’s orphan-to-queen story forms the basis of the Jewish festival of Purim. Which country did she become queen of?

    • Egypt
    • Persia
    • Babylon
  • Question of

    Queen Jezebel incited the people of Israel to abandon their God and pay homage to Baal instead. How did she die?

    • She was fed to the lions
    • She was stoned to death
    • She was thrown out of a window, and her body eaten by dogs
  • Question of

    Miriam was a prophet of Israel who was instrumental in leading the Jews out of slavery in Egypt. Whose sister was she?

    • Moses and Aaron’s
    • Esau and Jacob’s
    • Isaac and Ishmael’s
  • Question of

    Ruth was a Moabite immigrant who converted to Judaism, known for her loyalty to her Israelite mother-in-law, to whom she famously addressed these words: “Where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there will I be buried.” She was whose great-grandmother?

    • Jacob
    • David
    • Noah
  • Question of

    Abraham’s wife Sarah was his half-sister?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Jacob agreed to work 7 years for Laban, so that he could marry his daughter. As a result of a subterfuge, he ended up working for 14 years instead. Who was the object of Jacob’s desires, that he was willing to wait 14 years to marry?

    • Rebekah
    • Abigail
    • Rachel
  • Question of

    Which biblical mother of twins fooled her blind husband into giving his blessing, intended for one, to the other?

    • Rebekah
    • Elisheba
    • Deborah
  • Question of

    When King David saw Uriah’s wife bathing on her rooftop, he fancied her. So he arranged for Uriah to be killed in battle so that he could marry her. She would later become the mother of Solomon. What was this woman’s name?

    • Elisheba
    • Bathsheba
    • Rebekah
  • Question of

    Delilah betrayed, to the Philistine enemy, the fact that her lover’s superhuman strength could be diminished by cutting his hair. What was her lover’s name?

    • Solomon
    • Esau
    • Samson


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