Quiz : How much do you know about computer and internet ?. Part – 6

Part – 6

How much do you know about computer and internet?If you know about computer and net that’s good, If you do not know anything about the computer and net, then you will learn a lot here.

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  • Question of

    PC Stand For ?

    • Postal Code
    • Personal computers
    • Personal Communications
  • Question of

    What is MP3 ?

    • MPEG Sound File
    • Mouse
    • Monitor
  • Question of

    All the deleted files go to ?

    • Recycle Bin
    • Tool Bar
    • My Computer
  • Question of

    The output devices make it possible to ?

    • view or print data
    • Store Data
    • Scan Data
  • Question of

    The first computers ware programmed using ?

    • Machine Language
    • Assembly Language
    • source code
  • Question of

    What are types of output devices ?

    • printer
    • Monitor
    • Both are above
  • Question of

    The information you put into the computer is called ?

    • Data
    • Files
    • Directory
  • Question of

    Which of the following is not a web browser ?

    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Twitter
    • Google Chrome


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  1. Question 5 is incorrect. The Altair computer, generally acknowledged as the first computer, used interrupts as the programming language. Ergo, on the windows computers and Macintosh computers (as well as Linux and ChromeOS), you still have interrupts. Other than that error, great quiz!

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