Here is a fun and easy quiz all about cats!

Test your knowledge on cat basics, such as when and where cats were first domesticated, how long they sleep, and how they use their tails.

Have fun and enjoy!

  • When were cats domesticated?

    • 15,000 years ago
    • 4000 years ago
  • A cat uses it tail to…

    • balance
    • cool down
  • A cat has to climb down a tree…

    • back feet first
    • head first
  • Cats sleep…

    • 12-16 hours a day
    • 4-5 hours a day
  • Can cats drink sea water?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Where were house cats first domesticated?

    • South America
    • Egypt
  • Cats can’t taste…

    • sweet
    • bitter
  • Cats have how many neurons compared to dogs?

    • Twice as many
    • Half as many

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