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Q&A Quiz: Page 26 – Part 3 of 3

26 down, more to go!

In every item, there are only two choices but will you get the correct answer? Good luck!

Classification Algorithm: Part 3 of 3

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  • Question of

    Which will fit together with no spaces in between – circles or squares?

    • circles
    • squares
  • Question of

    Which type of climate receives more rainfall, semi-arid or temperate?

    • semi-arid
    • temperate
  • Question of

    Is there more land north or south of the Equator?

    • North
    • South
  • Question of

    Is it colder at the North or South Pole?

    • The North Pole
    • The South Pole
  • Question of

    Is a shape with 2 halves exactly the same, symmetrical or asymmentrical?

    • symmetrical
    • asymmetrical
  • Question of

    Do things look larger or smaller through a concave lens?

    • larger
    • smaller
  • Question of

    Is the wavelength of ultraviolet light longer os shorter than that of visible light?

    • longer
    • shorter
  • Question of

    Is the North Pole on land or frozen water?

    • land
    • frozen water
  • Question of

    Which grow to be larger, African or Asian elephants?

    • African
    • Asian
  • Question of

    Which grow to be longer, crocodiles or alligators?

    • crocodiles
    • alligators


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