Q&A Quiz: Page 24 – Part 1 of 3

24 down, more to go!

In every item, there are only two choices but will you get the correct answer? Good luck!

Classification Algorithm: Part 1 of 3

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    Which do we hear first, thunder or lightning?

    • thunder
    • lightning
  • Question of

    What travels faster, light or sound?

    • light
    • sound
  • Question of

    Is kinetic energy movement or heat energy?

    • movement energy
    • heat energy
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    Does salt water freeze at a higher or lower temperature than fresh water?

    • higher
    • lower
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    Which side of your brain controls your right hand – left or right?

    • left
    • right
  • Question of

    Is cotton a natural or made material?

    • natural
    • made marerial
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    Do shiny things feel rough or smooth?

    • rough
    • smooth
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    Does ice weigh more or less than liquid water?

    • more
    • less
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    Do things float more easily in fresh or salty water?

    • fresh
    • salty
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    Is baking powder a type of acid or alkali?

    • acid
    • alkali


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  1. How can you hear lightening; is that a pop that sometimes you don’t hear? Not being sarcastic my family is now all talking about this question and no one has the same idea.