How much do you know about Vegetarianism


WE all know that the vegetable and fruit are the most common but almost unavoidable part of our diet. We have to eat them in order to stay healthy.

But, what when a person decides to eat only that all together?

Do you think it is healthy?

Do you think you could do it?

Let’s check how much you know about the Vegetarianism for the start.

  • The plant-based diet burns calories faster

    • Yes, body can burn calories up to 16% faster
    • No, it is not possible
    • It is 50% increase because of the enzymes
  • Human digestion is design to be a herbivore

    • Yes, apparently out teeth do not represent our guts fair enough
    • No, we are omnivores
    • No, we are not cows
  • Average American eats 500+ pounds of meat per year.

    • Yes, apparently
    • No, it is much less around 50
    • No, it is around 200
  • 165 pound of beef and 20 000 pounds of potatoes can be grown from the same land parcel

    • Yes, but only with genetic engineering
    • No, this calculation is ridiculous
    • Yes, the meat production is overrated and expensive.
  • Vegan and vegetarian is the same thing

    • Yes, different name for the same thing
    • No, vegans are the myth
    • No, vegans don’t eat meat or any animal products
  • 70% of the world’s vegetarians are Indians

    • Yes, because all of them are
    • No, there is a little number of Indians who are vegetarians
    • Yes, there are more vegetarians in India than anywhere else
  • Children with higher IQ are more likely to either become or to be the vegetarians.

    • Yes, but only in theory
    • Yes, scientifically proven fact
    • No, vegetarianism is unrelated to IQ
  • Vegan diet changes cancer carriers in less than 3 months

    • Yes, scientifically proven fact
    • Yes, but only in theory
    • No, cancer can’t be influenced by fruit eating
  • By the newest research the vitamin B12 deficiency is a lie

    • Yes, we don’t need any B12
    • No, this is incorrect, vegans and vegetarians have to take yeast or die
    • Yes, B12 is included in various forms of bacteria and enzyme reactions within plants
  • Plants yield 10 times more protein per acre than meat

    • Yes, because plans require less space
    • No, meat yields more
    • Yes, the same amount of plants yield more protein than meat
  • Meat-eating was crucial to human evolution in order to develop huge performing brains.

    • Yes, huge brains evolve during periods of solely meat diet
    • No, humans evolve huge brains solely on raw plant diet
    • Yes, balanced diet was a key to evolution of a high performing brain

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