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How much do you know about Miley Cyrus?

Love her or hate her, the girl has talent.

So, how much do you know about Miley Cyrus.

Let’s see, shall we……

  • Question of

    Miley Ray Cyrus is a stage name. What is her real name?

    • Chelsea Destiny
    • Destiny Hope
    • Hope Liberty
    • Destiny Ray
  • Question of

    Miley was famous for starring in Disney’s Hannah Montana, but what was the name of her character in the show?

    • Miley Stewart
    • Miley Cyrus
    • Miley Williams
    • Miley Ray
  • Question of

    Which 2010 movie based on a Nicolas Sparks novel did Miley star in?

    • The Last Ride
    • The Last Light
    • The Last Song
    • The Last Night
  • Question of

    In 2013 Miley hired Larry Rudolph as her manager, but who else is he famous for representing?

    • Christina Aguilera
    • Whitney Houston
    • Rhianna
    • Britney Spears
  • Question of

    What are Miley’s lifetime earnings rumoured to be?

    • 500 Million Dollars
    • 275 Million Dollars
    • 360 Million Dollars
    • 400 Million Dollars
  • Question of

    What was the name of her debut album in 2007?

    • Meet Miley Cyrus
    • Sing Miley Cyrus
    • Greetings Miley Cyrus
    • Hey Miley Cyrus
  • Question of

    When was Miley born?

    • October 23rd 1992
    • November 23rd 1992
    • December 23rd 1992
    • January 23rd 1992
  • Question of

    Which animated film did Miley debut on as a voice actor in 2008?

    • Fang
    • Bolt
    • Cars
    • Rio
  • Question of

    Miley is primarily know for her pop music, but what was the name of her experimental fifth studio album released in 2015

    • Miley Cyrus & The Fang Bangers
    • Miley Cyrus & Her BF’s
    • Miley Cyrus & The Very Merry Cherries
    • Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz
  • Question of

    Miley did an uncredited voiceover for the character ‘Mainframe’ in which 2017 blockbuster movie?

    • Passengers
    • A Ghost in the Shell
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
    • Alien Covenant


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